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Navigating the premenstrual and perimenopause seasons

Hello there,

Ever wondered why the premenstrual phase (inner Autumn) gets such a bad rap? Well, we used to think the same until we realized that Autumn actually has our backs! We have come to love and appreciate Autumn's ability to highlight what needs changing in our lives, as well as the slower rhythm in the lead up to our periods.


Autumn, or the premenstrual phase of the cycle, is like a mirror, reflecting what's already there, waiting for your attention. It's the part of you that prioritizes your wellbeing and needs first. She's here to open your eyes to all the bullshit, and it's no different to the transition of perimenopause. 

We want to help you feel connected and equipped with tools to navigate the Autumn of your cycle, as well as the  Autumn of life, which is why we have created this webinar!

What You'll Learn:

🍁 Understanding the Inner Seasons of the menstrual cycle: We'll provide an overview of each season of the cycle and how they mirror the cycles of life, especially the transformative Autumn phase.

🍂 Demystifying Perimenopause/Menopause: Ever wondered what's going on in your body during perimenopause? We will break it down for you in simple terms. 

🍁 Why Befriending Inner Autumn Matters: Autumn is the season of the cycle which has YOUR back. The one that points out what changes you need to make for YOUR own wellbeing.  Learn how understanding your inner Autumn can prepare you for the challenges of perimenopause and beyond.

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What to Expect:

🍂 Autumn Unveiled: Discover the superpowers of the Autumn phase. It's not about trouble-making; it's about pointing out the areas that need your attention and care.

🍁 Jill's Expert Insights: Get ready for real talk from Jill. She'll cover hormonal shifts, symptoms to watch out for, and nutrition tips for each season, including the crucial Autumn (Luteal) phase.

🍂 Navigating the Perimenopausal Transition: We won't just tell you what's happening; we'll guide you on how to support your body through this natural transition. Knowledge is power, and you're about to get powered up.

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Who Is It For?

Anyone with a menstrual cycle. but especially those in their mid thirties and beyond, who are interested in learning how to best support themselves through the journey of Perimenopause. 

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🍁Interactive Handout for you to keep

🍁 Blood Test List: Understanding your body's signals is essential. Jill has prepared a Blood Test List to take to your GP so you can begin to understand where you are at in your journey and take back control of your health

🍁Food to support each season of your cycle

Meet your hosts

Georgi is a mother of two, barefoot enthusiast, and pelvic floor educator.  She's been practicing menstrual cycle awareness for over 5 years and over the course of this year she has led two groups through the practice of menstrual cycle awareness, during her 'Inner Seasons of Your Cycle Course".

"It is so wonderful to listen and relate to so many women. We are all so different but Georgi has given us a space to express and reflect on ourselves and the seasons we move through. The information is easy to absorb and I can feel that these teachings come straight from the heart (and a heck of a lot of wisdom and knowledge)." Shay

"Oh Georgi, I have loved every minute of this course. You are such an amazing facilitator. You balance structure, with information, with connection and JOY " Briar

Jill is a mother of one, and Women’s Health Naturopath. She holds a Master’s Degree in Women’s Health Medicine and a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science. After years of debilitating cycles and a cascade of symptoms following hormonal contraception, Jill felt a sense of loss and disconnection with her body. Her desire to deeply understand women’s bodies in order to prevent symptoms and imbalances, and empower women to take control of their bodies, is Jill’s ‘why’. 

"Highly recommend! I initially started working with Jill to balance out my hormones as I was struggling with irregular and sometimes painful periods along with anxiety. I knew I needed to have these issues resolved prior to trying to conceive. After a few months my periods were regular and pain free, and my anxiety was very minimal. Her unwavering support is genuinely valuable as I have never felt healthier or happier within myself." - Tamara


"Thanks so much Jill! Thanks for supporting me on my healing journey! You have helped me so much, and I truly appreciate all of your guidance, wisdom and understanding that has helped me to feel empowered to care for my health in such a holistic way. You are amazing at what you do and I'm so glad I came to see you." - Zena





Join us for this informative, relaxed, and eye-opening webinar. We're here to put a spin on the usual views on the premenstrual phase and perimenopause, provide practical tools, and maybe even help you make friends with your inner Autumn.

Ready to embrace the change? Click the buy now button below and let's journey into the Autumn of your life, together.


 Georgi & Jill🍁❤️

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