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More than Kegels: Whole Body Movement for Pelvic Health

Monday, the 18th of September, 11:30 am NZT (live on Zoom and recorded)











Have you ever been told to 'listen to your body and wondered what that meant?

Do you want to educate yourself about pelvic floor health, but you don't know where to start?

Are you curious about the connection between your feet and your pelvic floor?

Are you ready to go beyond Kegels in your relationship with your pelvic floor?


I am putting together a 2h workshop (live and recorded), packed full of practical information, starting from the ground up! 

You will receive:

A brief anatomy lesson

Techniques to map the pelvic floor

Information on how your feet and pelvic floor are connected and simple foot mobility exercises (great for transitioning to barefoot shoes as well)

Tips for moving more in your day-to-day

Practical tips to empty your bowels better


Tips to enhance intimacy


Tools on how to exercise with more confidence

Tips for a more pelvic floor friendly wardrobe and footwear

This will be a fun, easy to take in, and practical session! I want to help you come out of a rut when it comes to your pelvic floor connection, and show you ways to make it a part of your every day!

My goal is to combine education with self exploration, so that you can feel empowered in your own experience of your body and be able to take this practice further!

Here are some testimonials from previous workshop attendees: 


'Absolutely recommend this workshop to anyone with or without a pelvic floor!! At any stage of their lives. Great information with practical exercises to improve your health & wellbeing. Thanks Georgi!!' (Natasha Sue Middleton)


'I recently attended one of Georgi's Pelvic Floor Workshops. As a "pelvic rookie" I didn't really know what to expect and following the birth of my first child wanted to ensure I was doing everything I could to support my recovery. The exercises we completed were both informative and entertaining. It felt empowering!

I left feeling more knowledgeable and confident and have since booked an appointment with a Pelvic Physiotherapist to ensure we can give this a good go! I 110% recommend attending one of these. Take a friend, tell a friend or encourage a friend! Wahine have a long way to go in learning more about ourselves and putting our recovery at the forefront of priorities.

NOTE: I will also never look at a marble, blueberry or chia seed the same! Georgie's visuals are certainly memorable. '(Jordan Kate Simmonds )

'Georgi is just delightful! 
In an ideal world I wish that everyone that is having a baby or that is having issues with their pelvic floor muscles would have the opportunity to experience a workshop with Georgi.

The language she uses is very open and inclusive. She teaches simple concepts about an integral part of our bodies; the pelvic floor muscles, and creates a holistic awareness of their importance, providing different exercises to implement how to look after them.' (Katey G.)

'Georgi's pelvic floor workshop gives a clear understanding of the anatomy of the pelvic floor muscles.
She explains how they can effectively function and support the pelvic organs, incorporating proper posture during breathing and general movement/weight bearing (super helpful for those carrying little ones!). She helped me realize so many little changes I can make as I go about my day that have already improved my pelvic floor function (even though it's only been a couple of weeks).
Being able to attend virtually also made the workshop far more accessible to me because i struggle to get out of the house with my little one.' (Leah Sarai Laelle Flintoft)

This workshop will be very dynamic and movement rich! It will draw on my love of the pelvic floor, of barefoot living, of Katy Bowman's teachings, and my desire to get people to be curious about their bodies and move with joy!

I look forward to seeing you there! If you have any questions, please email me at!

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