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New Moon Circle and Clay Crafting

18th of June, 2PM to 4PM

Address confirmed upon booking 

Circles are a space where you can practice the art of deep listening and speak without being interrupted. They are a great way to have some dedicated time for yourself, outside your daily roles , to slow down, and connect with other women.

We share stories, eat cake, drink tea, laugh and/or cry, and leave feeling less lonely. You don't have to be a certain kind of person to attend. My circle are non-religious. They were born from my own desire to create community in my new town, to skip the small talk, and to be surrounded by other women's wisdom. 


I've witnessed wonderful things in the aftermath of circle: women deciding to claim more time for themselves, pursue a hobby, return to a former passion, find the courage to have a difficult conversation with someone, or get a sense of understanding and even closure on an experience from the past.

This month's circle will include crafting with clay. The theme is' Celebrating Womanhood' so our stories and creations will be reflecting this.


I have invited my friend Greta to lead our craft session. Here is a bit about her:


"I am a novice potter who fell in love with handbuilding when I took the class at New Plymouth Potters four years ago while pregnant with my first daughter. Children and life meant I didn't have much time or energy to pursue it beyond the end of the course. My passion was reignited when I got to work clay between my fingers at one of Georgi's circles. I became a member of the pottery club shortly after. There's a feminine energy to pottery; it's a nurturing, sensual, therapeutic, and creative process. Because the process is so enjoyable, it's not always about the end result for me, but it can be so rewarding to bring creative ideas to life by smoothing and shaping clay with my hands."

Here are some messages I've received after circles:

" Georgie, I can't thank you enough. Coming to circle was exactly what I needed, I felt much lighter after I left."

" Thank you so much for holding such a beautiful space for us all yesterday. I left feeling so peaceful."

"I don't know what I was expecting this morning, but it was amazing. How quickly it became a safe and connected space. It was challenging and nurturing and nourishing al at the same time. Thank you. So glad I came."

" Since the circle , I've found the space to relax and breathe. I haven't felt so relaxed and present since I started working 4 days a week on the business in October last year. It made me feel connected, less alone and also, normal. Thank you."

" Wow. I found this morning so powerful! Real eye opener for me to hear some powerful stories".

"Thank you so much for today. It was stunning and powerfully healing and emotional."

Snacks and hot drinks are included.

Please note that refunds are not available. You can choose to pass on or sell the ticket to someone else, but this is for you to arrange and notify me if that's the case.

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