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"Georgie’s pelvic floor session was great! Started off with a bit of anatomy to explain the function of the pelvic floor muscles which then led to why these groups of muscles are so important. The information was broken down in a really digestible manner that was then applied to practical activities.
And the visualization of “sipping a milkshake” enhanced the practicing of pelvic floor exercises! I will continue to recommend Georgie’s classes to all my clients as her warm and open personality engages women to have conversations!"

                                                                                            Junee/ Midwife

"Georgie's pelvic floor workshop is overflowing with not only incredibly interesting information, but also tips and techniques that you can start applying immediately.

Even though Georgie is a fountain of knowledge, she presents this workshop in a comfortable and easy to comprehend format.

I would highly recommend this workshop for all women, but particularly for those pregnant or postpartum. "

                                                                                               Lisa/ Kangatrainer

"I did Kangatraining with Georgie for a year and had basic pelvic floor knowledge from this so it was awesome to build on that and come away with some really helpful tips for connection with the front of my pelvic floor in particular.

Georgie is so full of knowledge and conveys what she knows in such a real way so it’s easy to understand and empowering!

The first exercise of the session blew my mind and I’m still buzzing about it!!

Thanks again, Georgie!"


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