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Pelvic Health Package (3 month long support)



1x 1.5 h initial session
2x 70 mins session 
Email support in between sessions

Tailored homework exercises in video form

Session One: Foundation Building (1.5 h)

Your journey begins with a detailed assessment, where we explore the unique factors influencing your pelvic health. From lifestyle habits to specific concerns, this session establishes a personalized foundation, ensuring subsequent sessions address your individual needs.

Subsequent Sessions: Practical Strategies (140 minutes total)

Session two and three are dedicated to implementing tailored exercises, techniques, and lifestyle adjustments, providing you with a comprehensive roadmap for sustainable pelvic well-being.


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💌 Continuous Support Between Sessions:

Enjoy ongoing email support tailored to your evolving needs over the 3 months we work together. Whether you have questions, breakthroughs, or require additional guidance, I'm here to ensure you feel supported throughout your journey.

Tailored Exercise Program:

Receive your personalized exercise program after each session. These exercises and tools will be put together based on  your unique needs, providing a practical and effective approach to addressing your pelvic health needs and goals!

💖 What Others Are Saying:


"Georgi is a wealth of knowledge about women’s health and what she was able to teach me about my pelvic floor without making me feel ignorant of my own body is so special. I felt safe from the get go, very open and warm even through a computer screen! You totally met me where I am and I felt seen a heard. I think being told by another māmā that I am doing a good job and to be soft and loving towards myself was really comforting."

"Georgi is a vagina guru! My 1 on 1 session helped me to revisit aspects of my traumatic birth experience and begin to heal. I feel better prepared and relaxed going into my second birth. 

Georgi is a fountain of knowledge about pelvic floor health, its role in birth and in day to
day life. A session with her is worth every cent!" 


"My connection to my pelvic floor is increasing every day, and I can already see improvements."


"For the first time in five years, we had pain-free intimacy! We hi-fived afterwards. This is massive for me."

🌐 Virtual or In-Person

Opt for virtual or in-person sessions based on your location, and preferences.

🌟Package price: $544(4-week and 8-week payment plans available)


I look forward to working with you,


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