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I look forward to working with you!

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1x 1.5 h session

Tailored homework exercises in video form 

Do you have pelvic organ prolapse or are you experiencing heaviness in your pelvis?

Do you leak when sneezing, coughing, or exercising?


Does your day revolve around access to a bathroom?

Are pelvic floor symptoms stopping you from doing the things you love or enjoying intimacy?


Do you have ongoing back pain?

Over half of all women will experience 1 or more of these issues in their lifetime.
That is huge! Often these issues are brushed off as “normal” after having a
baby, however they are anything but normal and can dramatically affect
quality of life. In fact many people who have never been pregnant have these

With almost 9 years of experience working with pre and postpartum women, a variety of movement trainings, and the lived experience of pelvic floor dysfunction, I aim to provide you with practical information, tools, and exercises which you can incorporate into your day to day life and movement regime!

I won't 'fix' you. I want you to have the knowledge to empower yourself through all life stages, to approach movement with curiosity and joy, and to feel confident moving your body in whichever way you enjoy!

Before we meet, you will complete an intake form where you have the opportunity to communicate exactly what you want to address during the assessment, as well as submit some photos and videos which I will use as assessments.

I will then come up with a plan of action for our time together.

Following the assessment, you will receive a full summary of findings, and suggestions for how to move forward, as well as a short video with a few key correctives to focus on. 

Ways you might benefit from booking a session:

  • Discover what’s actually going on in your body.

  • Learn how to move with confidence, and in a way that supports healing.

  • Find out how to start getting back to the activities you love, without fear of making your symptoms worse

  • Find a new way to understand your body, and begin to connect with it more deeply.

💖 What Others Are Saying:

"Georgi is a wealth of knowledge about women’s health and what she was able to teach me about my pelvic floor without making me feel ignorant of my own body is so special. I felt safe from the get go, very open and warm even through a computer screen! You totally met me where I am and I felt seen a heard. I think being told by another māmā that I am doing a good job and to be soft and loving towards myself was really comforting."

"Georgi is a vagina guru! My 1 on 1 session helped me to revisit aspects of my traumatic birth experience and begin to heal. I feel better prepared and relaxed going into my second birth. 

Georgi is a fountain of knowledge about pelvic floor health, its role in birth and in day to
day life. A session with her is worth every cent!" 


"My connection to my pelvic floor is increasing every day, and I can already see improvements."


"For the first time in five years, we had pain-free intimacy! We hi-fived afterwards. This is massive for me."


🌐 Virtual or In-Person: $180

Opt for virtual or in-person sessions based on your location, and preferences.

I look forward to working with you,


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